It all started as a quest for pocket money

And here's how that turned into a multi-million dollar business with 23,000 customers and 500,000 developers in 120 countries.

Jan 2002

Idea for FusionCharts born from an article written by Pallav Nadhani to make more pocket money as a teenager

Oct 2002

FusionCharts v1 is launched

Mar 2003

We have 100 customers now

Apr 2005

We hire our first employee. Finally someone risks their life with us!

Aug 2005

FusionCharts Intrumentation Suite Launched

Jan 2006

We finally move into our first "proper" office

Oct 2006

5000 customers and growing...

Nov 2006

FusionWidgets launched

Apr 2007

FusionCharts Free is launched

Mar 2008

10,000 customers, unstoppable now!

Aug 2009

Funnel & Pyramid charts offered as gadgets in Google Docs

Nov 2009

FusionCharts Free released as open source

NASSCOM award for being amongst top 10 emerging companies in India

A swanky lakeside 50-seater office in Salt Lake City, Kolkata is our new address

Dec 2009

Deloitte recognition as 40th fastest growing tech company in India

15,000 customers and thirsting for more

Jan 2010

Forbes covers us, we're getting bigger

Feb 2010

Oomfo, FusionCharts for PowerPoint is released.

Our products have now been downloaded half a million times. Ah!

Mar 2010

Signing of our first 6 figure deal

Our first internation trade show at CeBIT Germany

Sep 2010

Allworld recognition as India's 11th fastest growing company

FusionCharts is now iPad ready

Oct 2010

ET, Tol and NASSCOM call us the great Indian tech story

Nov 2010

Team is now 50 strong

Feb 2011

A renowned publication seeks authors for a complete guide on FusionCharts

Mar 2011

$5M in annual revenue. Bing!

We exhibit at web 2.0 Expo SF, our first appearance on US soil

Jun 2011

Bangalore office opens, the first one outside Kolkata

Oct 2011

FusionCharts XT release. Never-before visuals and interactivity in JS (HTML5) charting

Jan 2012

FusionWidgets XT released. Delightful and interactive gauges in JS (HTML5)

Mar 2012

20,000 delighted customers... and counting!

Apr 2012

FusionCharts Beginner's Guide released; first ever data visualization product in industry to have one

Jul 2012

PowerCharts XT and FusionMaps XT released.

FusionCharts Suite XT: Delightful charts gauges and maps now in JS (HTML5)

Oct 2012

Collabion Charts for SharePoint released.

Our second book "Not Just Another Pie in the Sky"

Nov 2012

21,000 delighted customers and counting!

Sounds like an interesting journey? You should read our book.

When we turned a decade old in October 2012, we thought we had a story to tell the world. A sweet story. And an unconventional one. So we wrote a book talking about the decade-long trials and tribulations of a company founded by a 17-year old with no business knowledge whatsoever and in a country not exactly known for software products.

It is a fun and inspiring read that takes you from cover to cover in an hour. There are the lessons we learnt along the journey, the mistakes we made and those hilarious stories that will keep us entertained for the rest of our lives.

FusionCharts Book

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  • I really enjoyed the FusionCharts story. Great stuff! Loved the writing style. Derek Sivers, Founder of CD Baby and Author of Anything You Want
  • The story of FusionCharts is an inspiring one for aspiring young software entrepreneurs in India and around the globe. Dharmesh Shah, co-founder and CTO, HubSpot
  • I plan to encourage my son's high school to use it for school projects and inspire more students. Roshanak Afsarifard, Director, Actuate Corporation

Meet The Dude

They say there was a big bang. I do not know for sure. What I do know is that I was at the leading end of an explosion, and it wasn't pretty. But, the landing was, and so was the world I came into. Or at least the world that was coming into its own. I was there. I made it happen. I am The Dude.

The Dude* is the official FusionCharts mascot. His birth was a hat tip to our developers who tirelessly hack away at creating awesomeness. The Dude has grown to define our very own essence. Our curiosity that questions existing practices. Our pioneering spirit that does, learns, and improves. Our determination that never, never gives up...and then some. And the pure joy we share in making our world more delightful.

* With all due respect to El Duderino.

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