Our products are used by one-man startups to Fortune 500 companies, by companies like LinkedIn to organizations like NASA, by retail companies in Africa to banks in Europe. All in all, by 24,000 customers and 500,000 developers in 120 countries.

And working at that scale involves solving complicated problems. The kind of problems that separate the boys from the men. Come take a look at some of the problems that we solve on an everyday basis.


Develop a component that can generate SVG string from a data structure (tree) of shapes without any browser interaction or DOM access.


Talk to the VP Products of a $200 million product-line and sign him up for a 5-figure deal. All over phone and email.

Customer Happiness

Help customers figure out why FusionCharts Suite XT isn't working as expected in web technologies you haven't even heard of.

We get things done

Data visualization is evolving at its fastest pace ever, and we are at the forefront of this evolution.

At the forefront, the stakes are high and the pace is dizzying. And the trailblazers that we are, we move fast. We get things done. We would rather be wrong than late.

Meetings are BS. So is hierarchy

The best ideas happen over coffee and cigarettes. So instead of meetings, we have discussions. Cafes, the terrace, parking lot, whatever brings out the best in us.

And we make sure the best ideas see the light of the day. No matter whether its your first day at work or are Employee #1, we want your ideas. We will give shape to the best ones.

We take our fun seriously

Musical chairs, snakes and ladders, ringa ringa roses.

Okay we are kidding. Pizzas, parties, Internet memes, we love them all. The festival of lights, the festival of colors, we celebrate them all. And when a majority of the team is under 30, you know it's going to be a riot. You will have stories to tell your grandchildren.

We got books on us

We were the first data visualization solution in the industry to have a beginner's guide published on us. So you know we are important.

And then we wrote another one. When we turned a decade old, we knew we had a story to tell the world. Our startup story. Drama, romance, comedy and even horror, it has it all. Get your copy.