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  • The FusionCharts export servers have been reconfigured to introduce the following features:
    • The exportMode attribute has been introduced to export charts in the auto-export mode (in addition to the server-side export and client-side export modes) that lets users make optimum use of the server-side and client-side export capabilities. Starting v3.12.1, the exportMode attribute replaces the exportAtClientSide attribute.

    • Export statistics can now be logged to obtain details like the type of the exported chart, the format in which the chart was exported, IP address of the user exporting the chart, and so on.

    • The exportAction attribute has been reconfigured to take one more value, download-save (in addition to the existing values save and download), to send the exported file as a download to the client as well as save a copy on the server.

  • The drawCrossLineOnTop attribute has been introduced to draw the cross line on top of the data plots.

  • The minLabelWidthPercent attribute has been introduced for improved control over label management.

  • The onScroll event and the scrollTo() method have been introduced to enable better control over the scrolling activity and to facilitate customization.