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This version brings in support for self-hosted export servers in Java. Also introduces new server side wrappers for PHP, ASP.NET, RoR. View version history.

This release re-introduces the Developer License and introduces a new Team license. No major software updates were done post the previous release. View version history.

Added support for self hosted export servers in PHP and . View version history.

Zero memory leak when disposing charts. Support added for refreshInstantly in real time charts and gauges. View version history.

Javascript only version launched. Removed support for rendering in Flash. Improvements done in chart rendering time. Added features Theme Manager, Annotations, Event Handling and Macros. View version history.

Features SSL enabled servers to allow exporting of charts in secure pages, more responsive gradient legend for touch devices and improved data label positioning for cleaner visualization experience. View version history.

Fixes runtime error in Stacked Charts with null values, removes support for external images in support stream and several improvements made to pie and doughnut charts. View version history.

Zoomline chart starts supporting all API functions, vertical scrolling and hover effects introduced in Gantt charts & data label improvements to CandleStick and Box & Whisker charts done. View version history.

Added ability to save exported charts to JavaScript server, 430 new maps added, visualization of Javascript charts and gauges improved. View version history.