JavaScript (HTML5) Charting Library Comparisons

Choosing a charting component is a complex task because the selection will have to be made considering both the present and the future graphing needs of your application. The table below compares the popular JavaScript (HTML5) charting libraries in the market — FusionCharts, HighCharts, Google Charts, extJS Charts, Chart.js, Flot, jqPlot and gRaphaël — on end output, device and browser support, chart types, features and support options.

Select the JavaScript graphing libraries you would like to compare:

Chart Types

Whether you are building an ERP application or a social media analytics tool, your end-users expect your product to process and convert data into easily identifiable trends and patterns. The right graphing software goes a long way in visualizing these trends and patterns effectively for your user. With the right JavaScript graphing library you not only provide your users with the right visualization but also build an immersive experience for them.