Let's say you want to go out for an expensive dinner. But since it is expensive, you want to make an informed decision about where to go. So you pick up a set of magazines that review such restaurants. And to help you decide, you plot the ratings in a visual format, say a separate… Read More »

Creating a Twitter dashboard is not an easy task. With Twitter analytics being the cynosure of every web marketer, creating a dashboard that fulfills all their needs is a deeply involving task. A media outlet, generally being a one-way broadcast, would really like to understand whether it is having a meaningful conversation on Twitter. A… Read More »

A new addition to the collection of community plugins for FusionCharts is the latest GWT plugin created by Fadi Al-Katout of Aurora R&D. This plugin was initially supposed to be a proof of concept for a client, and is now a full fledged plugin. FusionCharts for GWT lets you integrate FusionCharts in your applications in a seamless way, with full support for GXT and Smart GWT.