While discussing a chart during a presentation, you’d probably have to talk at length about each plotted value. The lengthy discussions become particularly unavoidable if you have to cite reasons for declining sales or for an extended period of stagnation. In situations such as this, tooltips come in handy since you can easily display a… Read More »

Read between the plots

You've successfully completed the first six months at your new job as a marketing specialist and the time has come to reveal how you leveraged your ideas for the benefit of the company. So, you make a Revenue chart and tell yourself: “These high-rise things are my contribution.” But you can't tell this to your… Read More »

Picture this: You are making a sales dashboard to be presented to the upper management of the company. During the presentation, your CFO asks you to pick out the raw data from a particular chart. At that moment, you cannot go back to the underlying database and give him the exact figures, can you? Nor… Read More »

Do you have a website or a web application that caters to an international audience? Then you would like to offer your product information and sales copy in the language of their choice. Let’s assume you already do so. But what about your charts? Wouldn’t you like your charts in reports, dashboards, surveys or any… Read More »

Continuing with the series on how to get the most out of the new features of FusionCharts v3.1, here’s our latest – custom string labels (annotations) for individual data sets. In case you tuned into the series just now, here’s what we have already covered:  Branding your Charts Exporting your Charts as Images/PDFs  Back to… Read More »

How often does this happen to you – you create a stunning information-intensive chart after a lot of hard work for your web page and then intend to embed the same in your annual report? Or mail it to one of your colleagues? But since you have no easy way to export the chart from… Read More »

FusionCharts has been nominated in the Web Development category of the Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS) 2009 awards. GIDS is held annually by Saltmarch Media in the Indian Silicon City of Bangalore. In their own words, "Saltmarch Media's annual Great Indian Developer Awards honor trailblazing individuals, technologies, and organizations that are contributing to the evangelism… Read More »

Is FusionCharts…?

23 boardroom meetings, 79 stand-up meetings, 12 fist fights and a drunken pub brawl (between our content writers) later....and we still can't have the answer to a very simple question, a question questioning our very fundamentals - Is FusionCharts singular or plural? Six years ago (yeah we turned six this October - read about our… Read More »