We are proud to be a part of LinkedIn

Everyone knows LinkedIn now. It is the largest professional social networking site with over 100 million members. Not to mention a certain bell they recently rang. We at FusionCharts, are proud to be a part of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has made FusionCharts a part of a number of their paid modules, and pretty extensively at that. Whether you are job hunting and want to know what your peers in the industry are being paid, or snooping on your competitor’s vital stats, you will see FusionCharts being used liberally for everything data.

Here’s a screenshot from a job posting made by a company – one of LinkedIn’s main offerings:

Chart on LinkedIn showing industry salary range

The proof of the pudding is, of course, in the the right-click.

Chart on LinkedIn showing industry salary range from FusionCharts

On another occasion, if you head over to the company statistics section that gives you valuable insights on the employees of any company, you will see more liberal sprinkling of FusionCharts. Let’s do some snooping on LinkedIn itself to learn a lesson or two about growth.

Chart on LinkedIn showing job functions in a company

The javascript charts here are both stunning and easy-to-understand. You can get various insights like how the employees of a company are divided by job roles and how experienced they are.

Here’s a look at the universities that the LinkedIn employees have attended:

Chart on LinkedIn showing universities employees attendedNow let’s take a look at something that has been the topic of many a discussions recently – How fast has LinkedIn been growing?

Chart on LinkedIn showing company growth

And this story, just like the others, is presented using FusionCharts.

Chart on LinkedIn showing company growth from FusionCharts

To meet some of their specific needs, LinkedIn has not shied away from modifying the source code of our charts either.

Team LinkedIn – we love what you guys have done with our charts. Keep that going, and keep growing!

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