I would like to purchase your products but I cannot make the purchase online. What other methods of payment do you have?
We take payments via bank wire, purchase orders and checks as well. Please contact our sales team with details of the license you want to purchase, and we will process the order for you.
I need to submit a quote to our purchasing department. Can you send me one?
Sure. Please contact our sales team with your name, company, company address and details of the license you want to purchase and we will send you a quote.
Can I buy from a reseller of FusionCharts, in my region?
Yes, we have 100+ resellers across the globe. Please find the Reseller nearest to you at //www.fusioncharts.com/buy/resellers/
How long does it take to send the activation keys after I have made the purchase?
Our products are pre-activated and do not require a key. As soon as you make the purchase, you will get a link to download the software and you can start using it right away.
Does the licensing fee depend on the number of users who might be viewing the chart?
No. The licensing fee is completely independent of the number of people who view the charts.
Is it possible to upgrade my license?
Yes, if you have bought Small Team or Team license, you may upgrade your license to include more developers later at any point in time, by just paying the difference in amount. Individual licenses cannot be upgraded, however.
We are a government organization/educational institution/NGO and would like to purchase your products. Do you have a special pricing for us?
Yes we do. We offer 10% discount to governments and 15% to educational institutions and NGOs. Please contact sales to avail the special pricing.
How do you provide support for your products?
We provide technical support by email and phone for all our products. Our office timings are Monday-Friday 9.30 AM-7.30 PM IST (GMT + 5.30). Please create a ticket at //support.fusioncharts.com/ quoting your Retail License reference, with technical details of your issue.
Who is eligible to get support?
Only the Named Developers whose names are incorporated in the License Statement are eligible to get support. In case you have not communicated the name of the developers for inclusion in License Statement, please do so at the earliest in order to extend support to them.
I had submitted a support query and have been asked to provide License Reference. Where can I get the License Reference?
It is quoted in the License statement or the mail you got from us post confirmation of your purchase.
How long will I get Support & Upgrades?
You'll continue getting support & upgrades, as long as you've an active subscription of your FusionCharts license.
I had purchased my FusionCharts software license prior to Oct 2016 & my support and upgrades subscription is expiring soon, how can I renew it?
Click here to buy renewal subscription for licenses purchased till 31st October 2016. If you have bought your license after 31 Oct 2016, then please mail us at [email protected] quoting your license reference, for renewal of your license.
If I buy an Individual license, can it be used by another developer?
No. Individual license is not transferable and can only be used by the individual in whose name it is purchased.
We are a small organization having a few developers and QA. If 1 developer works with the charts and another QA member tests it later (using the APIs), can we buy one Individual License?
No. Individual License is only meant for individuals and not for any organization. If you've 3 or less developers/QA members in your team, who work with FusionCharts, then you may purchase Small Team License. During purchase, please provide the name of 3 Developers/QA, who will be working with FusionCharts to incorporate their Names in the License Statement, as they will be eligible to get support.
We had bought a Small Team license 6 months back. We have added a few more developers to the team. How can we upgrade to Team license, to include them?
Please send us an email at [email protected] regarding this upgrade, and we will send you an invoice or link to pay the difference in pro-rated amount, for the remaining 6 months period of the Team License. Upon payment of fees, your license will be upgraded.
We are developing an application that will be offered on subscription basis to our customers (as part of our SaaS product). Which license do I need?
You'll need a SaaS license for this kind of usage. The individual, team or enterprises licenses do NOT apply here.
We are a start-up with 5 employees developing a SaaS application. Do you offer preferred pricing for Saas for Start ups?
Yes, we do. Please select "My Startup (less than 10 employees)" in the Buy page, to get preferred pricing for SaaS.
We are developing an application for our customer who will deploy it as a SaaS product. Can we buy an Individual/Team/Enterprise license for us, and will it cover the SaaS deployment by my customer also?
No. Your customer will need a SaaS license of FusionCharts, in addition to the development licenses that your team needs. Please get in touch with us at [email protected] to get a quote.

In the event your customer is hosting their SaaS product with FusionCharts as a part of it, they will be required to pay the accrued license fee for our SaaS license, for the entire period of their usage.
We are developing custom software for one of our customers, and we have bought a Team/Enterprise license of FusionCharts. Will it cover the deployment of such custom software at our customer's site.
No. Your customer will need additional production/deployment licenses, in addition to your development licenses for your team.
We are developing a software product in which FusionCharts will be embedded and the product will be installed at multiple customer premises. What license would we need?
Since you intend to re-distribute FusionCharts as a part of your software, which will be installed on-premise at multiple customers, you will need an OEM license for this.
We have an existing FusionCharts license, but are unable to retrieve license details. What should we do?
Please send us an email at [email protected] with Your Name, e-mail, FusionCharts product you are using & Organization Name. We will find the respective license for you. If possible, please provide as much information as you can, associated with the purchase i.e. order number, invoice number, License Statement, date of purchase, licensee company or person, payer email, case number, etc.
Can I pay only when we need to update, instead of paying every year?
No. The current license is an annual one and needs to be renewed every year to ensure continued usage.