FusionCharts Suite XT is a comprehensive charting solution offering 90+ chart types and 1400+ maps. The Suite consists of 4 products each of which has a specific purpose and contains different chart types, a selection of which is shown below.

FusionCharts XT

FusionCharts XT is our flagship product that consists of 40+ chart types. Click on a chart to see it in action.

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FusionWidgets XT

FusionWidgets XT makes your KPIs and real-time data in dashboards, monitors and reports more insightful. Click on a chart type to see it in action.

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PowerCharts XT

PowerCharts XT is a set of advanced charting widgets for domain-specific usage including network diagrams, performance analysis, profit-loss analysis, financial planning, stock price plotting and hierarchical structures. Click on a chart type to see it in action.

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FusionMaps XT

FusionMaps XT has over 1400+ geographical maps, including all countries, US states, and regions in Europe for plotting business data like revenue by regions, employment levels by state and office locations.

(Note: FusionMaps XT does not work on zip codes or latitude/longitude, it uses an internal co-ordinate system to plot points.)

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Or see any of our 1000+ maps using the list below: