A pioneer in high-end solutions for the telecom industry, 360Cellutions primarily focuses on automating information management within telecom networks.

360Cellutions powers data analysis for cellular network operators and provides efficient tools that cater to RF optimization engineers in their day to day network improvement tasks.

The need for charting

"SYS-See Your Stats, one of our flagship offerings is a KPI and Statistical analysis product for cellular networks. Key features like high-value cells layer, user customizable formulas and query wizard meant that results should not only be faster, but also better. FusionCharts not only added value to analysis, but also provided the richness and speed."

The FusionCharts Experience

It is not just the team that is satisfied, the customers and end-users are highly impressed with the experience.

Why FusionCharts?

"Expansive web research confirmed that FusionCharts is "the" solution that offered charts in the technology we wanted and had pleasing aesthetics".


Our solutions work on 2G, 3G/ HSPA+, 4G/WiMax/LTE technologies and plugging FusionCharts was not very difficult. The Documentation, code samples, KB, forum and support has been very good.


Sophisticated and Eye-catching visual/Graphical representation of statistics.

Salman Bakhtiyar