Avangate uses FusionCharts to help their clients analyze sales data and increase revenues


Avangate enables software companies to sell their products online as well as to manage a distribution network in a way that is efficient, customizable and locally relevant. Specifically designed for the software vertical, Avangate’s scalable solution includes a full-featured secure eCommerce platform, a partner management system and a global affiliate network.

The need for charting

Avangate required a charting component to build a reporting module for their ecommerce platform. "Since we help companies sell their products, it was imperative that we build a reporting module to help our clients analyze their sales data and understand how to increase their revenues," says Ciprian Lupeanu, Development Team Leader at Avangate.

Avangate wanted to a deliver a visually-pleasing and comprehensive reporting experience to their users. "We wanted the reporting module to cover all aspect of our clients' business including order statistics, sales source and financial data. To make the reports more insightful, we decided to give our clients the flexibility to visualize data in different ways and also export them for their presentations," added Lupeanu.

Avangate Dashboard

Why FusionCharts?

Avangate has been using FusionCharts in its reporting module for the past three years. When the company first embarked on its search for a charting component, chart aesthetics was the top ranking criterion. "We searched on the Internet for a charting component. Just after a week of looking around, we decided to go for FusionCharts because of its good looks and interactivity. The fact that it is Flash-based definitely added up as that means the charts would work well on a majority of browsers."

The FusionCharts Experience

Everyone at Avangate is satisfied with FusionCharts. "During implementation, the documentation answered 95% of our questions, and for the remaining 5% we were able to find solutions in the forum." The company received positive feedback on its reporting modules from their users as well. Laurentiu Ghenciu, VP, Global Sales and Marketing adds, "In general, our clients seem to be pleased with the way reports have been illustrated with charts."

Avangate is now planning to make its reporting module compatible with iPads and iPhones. The company intends to leverage the JavaScript charting feature of FusionCharts v3.2 to make its reporting application accessible on devices which do not support Flash. "FusionCharts is a remarkable product as it makes our reports stunning and easy to understand. It is also a great company to work with – dynamic, customer oriented and ready to go the extra mile," concludes Ghenciu.

Avangate Dashboard