Enterprise Software Solutions adds the 'wow' factor to their reporting tool using FusionCharts

Enterprise Software Solutions

Enterprise Software Solutions is a software development company that specializes in 3 major areas- Management suites for Microsoft Products, Business Intelligence and Data Mining with Microsoft products (Analysis Server and Report Server) and Unified Communications with Cisco and TAPI based systems.

Enterprise Software Solutions' BI Companion targets the Business Intelligence market, and more specifically the ad-hoc drag-and-drop data analysis and report creation. The product fills the niche of creating reports over lots of data using multi-dimensional cubes, while providing a user-friendly non-technical interface and an extremely fast response time.

The need for charting

"Owing to the nature of the tool, some reports may generate lots of data that is difficult to analyze and comprehend. Visualizing this data using charts and maps helps the end user with his/her analysis," says Ivan Ivanov Project Manager at Enterprise Software Solutions.

"In our search for a charting component, the Internet was the primary source for our research. We did look at several other alternatives but FusionCharts seemed to have the most mature product line."

Why FusionCharts?

"The presentation was eyecatching. Adobe Flash is the run-time environment, which is well established and tested in the market. The number of maps offered and their quality were perhaps the main driving factors."


BI Companion is a web based application, making use of various web technologies like ASP.NET, MS SQL, AJAX, SOAP and Web Services among others.

For its data visualization needs, it makes extensive use of FusionCharts and FusionMaps, and also a subset of the charts from FusionWidgets and Power- Charts. The team found the integration of FusionCharts Suite with BI Companion a straight forward process.

"The products in FusionCharts Suite are well documented with lots of samples and an online support forum. So it is very simple to integrate it from a development standpoint. The development team was also very responsive and eager to help."

Enterprise Software Solutions

Enterprise Software Solutions

The FusionCharts Experience

"The team is very satisfied with the overall FusionCharts experience. They love the animation and gradients in the chart, which has been getting them the "wow" response from most users. The pricing of FusionCharts suits them absolutely fine too."

"FusionCharts is a nice and easy-to-integrate product with a professional look and feel. We have been using it successfully for over a year now and will use it for our next product which needs charting."