Greenway visualizes vital lab results and clinical data using FusionCharts

Greenway Medical Technologies

Greenway Medical Technologies provides integrated EHR, interoperability solutions and on-demand services for physician practices, hospitals, IDNs, RHIOs and IPAs. Their solutions increase care quality and enhance patient satisfaction all while maximizing profitability.

Greenway's flagship application, PrimeSuite is an integrated EHR, practice management and interoperability solution. It is capable of integrating all clinical, financial and administrative workflows into a single database to promote information sharing and ensure quick adoption.

The need for charting

Charting is needed for visual representation of lab results and clinical data. "It is well received by our users due to the ease of analyzing the data and quickly recognizing any trends," says Tony Gerena, Director of Clinical Development at Greenway.

Why FusionCharts?

Greenway conducted six months of extensive Web-based research for a charting component before settling on FusionCharts.

"We appreciated the time and effort the FusionCharts team spent on the demo gallery with sample code. This sets it apart from most of the other products. Then it came down to the sheer amount of chart components offered and ease of implementation."

The FusionCharts experience

The Greenway team and their users were highly satisfied with the end results that FusionCharts generated.

"FusionCharts has proved to be an excellent complement to Greenway's complete and integrated physicians infrastructure, adding to our robust portfolio of product offerings."

They have been using Fusion- Charts successfully for over 2 years now and intend to use it for their next product which needs charting too.

Gerena concludes, "FusionCharts understood the charting needs of many products and built a solution that is both affordable and easy to use."

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