NetBase is a California-based company, which develops software tools for market research and brand management. The company’s flagship offering is a brand management tool called Insights Workbench which has been developed in partnership with 5 of the top 10 CPG companies including Coke and Kraft.

Insights Scorecard, a new social media dashboard solution, quantifies brand equity by assessing real consumer opinions that are posted on social networking sites, forums and blogs. Powered by Consumer Base, NetBase's own social intelligence warehouse, Insights Scorecard uses a proprietary language processing engine to categorize postings in terms of sentiments, emotions, passion and key ideas. Based on the categorization of consumer opinions, the application derives various metrics that give an idea of how much a brand is talked about on the internet and the level of passion with which it is discussed.

The need for charting

"Insights Scorecard helps businesses take charge of their brand's social media P&L (Passion & Loyalty). They can then compare their brand's P&L with their competitors. So, naturally we required charts to effectively communicate these metrics," says Jens Tellefsen, VP Product Management at NetBase.

Insights Scorecard measures brand equity in terms of following metrics:

  • Share of Buzz: How much people talk about a brand
  • Net Sentiment: How positively they perceive a brand
  • Passion Intensity: How emotionally charged their feelings are towards a brand

The extensive reporting module provides deep insights about changing consumer perception, so companies can formulate effective marketing strategies and ensure the success of their brand in the long run.

NetBase required a comprehensive charting solution for Insights Scorecard's reporting module. In addition to the standard line and bar charts, they also needed advanced charts like bubble and sparklines.


Why FusionCharts?

For the presentation layer of their application, NetBase required a feature-rich charting component with support for intricate cosmetic customization. They even evaluated the alternatives on basis of price and strength of support options. The decision to choose FusionCarts was reached after several weeks of evaluation, and it was heavily influenced by FusionCharts' great visual appeal. "We were impressed by FusionCharts' rich library of beautiful and professional looking charts that are so easy to configure and skin," added Tellefsen.

The FusionCharts Experience

NetBase has been using FusionCharts in their applications for some months now, and they seem highly satisfied with it. Their developers found FusionCharts easy to implement and they were impressed by the quality of various help and support options. "FusionCharts is pretty straight forward; it took us just few weeks to go from prototyping to a production ready product. Also, the online support options are great, which is what made all the difference."

NetBase also received positive feedback from customers, something that the company attributes to the usability and visual appeal of FusionCharts. Overall, NetBase seemed extremely happy with FusionCharts and the company plans to implement it in future projects. "The FusionCharts experience has been an excellent one from start to finish," concludes Tellefsen.

FusionCharts is pretty straight forward, it took us just few weeks to go from prototyping to a production-ready product. Also, the online support options are great, which is what made all the difference.

Jens Tellefsen

VP, Product Management