Practo uses FusionCharts to enhance the operational efficiency of healthcare units in India


Practo is a popular web-based practice management software used by healthcare clinics all over India. Developed by Naabo, the product is used by clinics to manage their day-to-day operations like appointments, case histories, treatment records and financial data conveniently. Practo is currently being used by over 500 doctors managing over 500,000 records on a daily basis.

The need for charting

Being an all inclusive software solution for management of small healthcare units, Practo provides an inbuilt analytics module to help users analyze important financial and operational data. "The charts in the analytics module helps our users compare revenue from different medical procedures, analyze their expenditure sources and evaluate the clinic's performance over different time scales," says Shashank ND, co-founder & CEO of Practo.

Why FusionCharts?

Practo spent two weeks evaluating various charting products before zeroing in on FusionCharts. The team was reading reviews written by tech bloggers and other developers, and creating sample charts using different libraries to understand the time needed for customization. "The ability of FusionCharts to render stunning Flash charts with JavaScript fallback for non-Flash clients caught our eye since this is a very important feature for us. Also, one look at the documentation and chart gallery convinced us that FusionCharts is a well supported product."

Practo Real Time Analytics

The FusionCharts Experience

Practo runs on the LAMP stack, with Zend Framework for the backend and jQuery as the JavaScript framework. "Since FusionCharts comes with a JavaScript wrapper and can be implemented using JSON API, it was very easy for us to integrate FusionCharts into our application. The documentation and the chart gallery are also very thorough, covering all options and customizations with sufficient examples. I feel that the documentation is the best among all libraries or frameworks that we have ever used."

Practo's analytics module was liked and appreciated by its customers, who were impressed by the efficient and beautiful presentation of data through charts. The company has expressed its eagerness to use FusionCharts in future development ventures too, as they are convinced that no other charting component can beat FusionCharts in terms of looks and ease of use. "FusionCharts is truly a remarkable product – easy to use, simple to understand, quick to integrate and looks awesome in applications. The developers of FusionCharts have truly lived up to their promise of delivering stunning charts," concludes Shashank.

Practo Real Time Analytics