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An online music player application that demonstrates the use of real-time gauges from FusionCharts Suite XT.

When a track is played, the audio data is covered into digital data in runtime. This is done by splitting the data into 16 buckets using HTML5's Audio API and is represented by 8 FusionCharts LED gauges containing alternate buckets. The gauges are fed with data between 0-255, denoting the signal strength of each bucket. Data is fed at a rate of 21 times per second across all the 8 gauges.

This dashboard application is built using
FusionCharts Suite XT
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Music Player Equalizer


Since, older browsers do not support HTML5 Audio API, the LED Gauges here are functioning as below:

Each of the Vertical LED gauges is fed a random number every 250 milliseconds. Both the Bulb gauges are set to static values.The setInterval JavaScript timer function is called every 250 milliseconds, which in turn calls the feedData API call and feeds a random value to the gauge.

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