Introduction to the FusionCharts Angular4 Component

FusionCharts Suite XT comes with an extensive range of charts, gauges, and maps that can be used to plot static and real-time data.

The Angular4-FusionCharts component is a simple and lightweight binding for the FusionCharts charting library that lets you add rich and interactive charts to your Angular projects.

Prominent features of this component include:

  • Adding a chart using only a single Angular component

  • Auto-updating the chart object when component properties are modified

  • Adding a chart by fetching data from a JSON or XML URL or by using the component props binding

  • Enabling interactivity between JavaScript charts

  • Offering advanced control by giving access to the complete FusionCharts object that contains the chart configuration

The subsequent articles in this section will tell you how to install FusionCharts Angular4 component and how to create and customize your charts using the component.

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