Download Map definition files

The FusionCharts Suite XT download package contains only the USA and World maps as part of the package (to reduce the download file size). To use the 1,400+ maps that we offer, download the map definition files here.

How to use:
  • 01

    Copy the /maps folder from this download package and paste it in your fusioncharts folder. This copies all the maps available in FusionMaps XT to your web application. If you need to render specific maps only, you can manually select those map definition files, and copy them to /maps folder in your fusioncharts folder.

  • 02

    You can now start building maps in your application. Each map can be referenced in the FusionCharts() constructor as maps/map_name (e.g., ‘maps/california’). FusionCharts library automatically loads the relevant map definition files.