FusionMaps XT - Download map definition files

FusionMaps XT offers beautiful interactive maps to plot geographical data like revenue by regions, population by state, survey and election results effectively. It has over 1000+ maps including all continents, major countries and all US states. FusionMaps XT does not include all 1000+ map definitions by default. Click Download map definition files to download and add these maps to your web application.

The map definition files thus downloaded are very high resolution maps; the corresponding JS files are also very heavy. If your application does not require the full resolution maps, you can send in a request for custom resolution maps to our Customer Support team. Click Request map definition files to select the map definition files required and fill the required width in the form provided (only the width parameter of the resolution is required for the resolution conversion). Using a custom resolution that is lower than the default resolution reduces the JS file size and the loading time, making your applications faster.

How to use them?

  • 1
    Locate the fusioncharts folder in your web application, containing fusioncharts.js and fusioncharts.maps.js. It is imperative that these 2 JavaScript files are present in your web application to render any map.
  • 2
    Copy the /maps folder from this download package and paste it in your fusioncharts folder. This copies all the maps available in FusionMaps XT to your web application. If you need to render specific maps only, you can manually select those map definition files, and copy them to /maps folder in your fusioncharts folder.

    In case you are requesting custom resolution map definition files, for rendering optimal quality maps across multiple devices, request map definition files for the highest width on which the maps will be rendered.

    For example, assume that your application is to be rendered on four different devices and the max width value is 640 (device 1), 480 (device 2), 960 (device 3), and 1920 (device 4). In the request form, enter the highest max width value (in this case, 1920). This will ensure that your maps render perfectly on all your devices—from the lowest to the highest requested width. This, along with significant reduction in the JS file sizes and loading time.
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    You can now start building maps in your application. Each map can be referenced in the FusionCharts() constructor as maps/map_name (e.g., 'maps/california'). FusionCharts library automatically loads the relevant map definition files.