React Component for FusionCharts

Easy to use ReactJS component for FusionCharts

React is a JavaScript library for creating reusable UI components. It was developed by Facebook and Instagram, and is rapidly rising in popularity among developers. If you are using React for your project, you are in luck as we have a simple component for it. You can select from 90+ charts/gauges and 1000+ maps to build the visualization of your choice - using a single component. You will have complete access to rich features of FusionCharts like events, annotations, macros, themes, image-export etc. to make your dataviz more awesome. Dive into the examples and quick start guide below to make your first chart today!

Available on:
A Simple Chart
Quick demo


  • Add a chart using just a single component.
  • Keep all your chart elements in sync with native support for Data Binding.
  • Insert charts from a JSON URL, a XML URL, or using Props Array Binding.
  • Enable interactivity between javascript charts.
  • Enjoy advanced control with full access to FusionCharts object that contains complete chart configurations.


The FusionCharts React component is open-source and distributed under the terms of the MIT/X11 License. However, you will need to download and include FusionCharts library in your page separately, which has a separate license.