Theme Manager to centrally style your charts

Give your charts a new identity - give them a theme. The FusionCharts theme manager is for those with an eye for detail. Giving your users a consistent visualization experience across charts has never been easier. Design once and apply at scale.

What's more, the package comes with 3 built-in themes (with more to come) so you can make your charts beautiful with no extra effort. And if you are the creative kind, build one of your own. Customize for font, color, chart behavior and much more to suit your requirements.

Built-in themes


Build your own theme

You can override attributes specified in themes to build your own themes. Themes as part of FusionCharts Suite XT follow an inheritance chain, by default when you specify a theme all the properties defined in the theme for the chart are applied to the chart. If you specify the same property with a different value in the chart object the theme setting is overridden. Check out what Theme manager can do for you.