Visual Selection of Data

In the Select Scatter chart, the user can visually select a subset of data from the plotted data points on the map that can be submitted back to the server (or JavaScript functions for further processing). Essentially, it is an extension of the normal Scatter Chart that can be used for advanced data analysis.


Data is returned by the chart as Array. The data is converted into tabular format using JavaScript.

Please select the required points from chart.

In the Select Scatter chart above, you can:

  • Select any data points plotted on the chart canvas
  • Resize the selection
  • Drag a selection box
  • Have multiple selection boxes
  • Delete a selection box using the right-click menu > Delete Selection
  • Pass the data of the selected points to JavaScript, using the getData() function
  • View the complete chart XML for the selected data points, using the getXML() function