FusionCharts Beginner's Guide

FusionCharts Beginner's Guide

This book is both for beginners and advanced web developers who need to create interactive JavaScript charts for their web applications. It is a fast-paced yet comprehensive guide to FusionCharts Suite filled with examples and practical tips, and no previous knowledge of FusionCharts Suite is assumed.

The FusionCharts Beginner's Guide is a practical, step-by-step guide to using FusionCharts Suite for creating delightful web reports and dashboards. It gets your first chart up in 15 minutes after which you can play around with different chart types and customize them. You will also learn how to create a powerful reporting experience using drill-down, chart export and advanced JavaScript capabilities. You will also integrate the charts with PHP, ASP.NET, Java and any other server-side script pulling data from databases. Finally you round up the experience learning reporting best practices including right chart type selection and practical usability tips to become the data visualization guru among your friends and colleagues.

In case you want a closer look, here go the chapter heads:
  • Chapter 1: Introducing FusionCharts
  • Chapter 2: Customizing your Chart
  • Chapter 3: JavaScript Capabilities
  • Chapter 4: Enabling Drill-down on Charts
  • Chapter 5: Exporting Charts
  • Chapter 6: Integrating with Server-side Scripts
  • Chapter 7: Creating Maps for your Applications
  • Chapter 8: Selecting the Right Visualization for your Data
  • Chapter 9: Increasing the Usability of your Charts

You can take a look at the complete table of contents on the Packt website, and even download the first chapter, 'Introducing FusionCharts', for free.

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