FusionCharts Free

World is moving away from Flash and so are we. FusionCharts Free was our free flash based charting library, and it is no more under active development. If you are an existing user, you can refer the documentation here.

But no need to worry as we still have lots of interesting stuff for you:

JavaScript Graphs:

FusionCharts is now a purely JavaScript (HTML5) based JavaScript charting library. If you are interested in adding interactive charts and maps to your website/app/software, you can get started with our free trial. Or explore live examples here.

If you are someone who loves other languages over JavaScript, we have got some free plugins and wrapper especially for you. Now you can make charts and graphs in the language of your choice.

jQuery Charts:

This allows you to add JavaScript charts to your application using jQuery. Check out detailed documentation with examples here.

AngularJS Charts:

Creating an AngularJS app? You’ll love this plugin to create charts in AngularJS. Check out more details in this blog post or this documentation page.

PHP Charts:

Not a fan of client-side languages? Try our PHP charts wrapper to create interactive JavaScript graphs, gauges and maps for your application. Learn how to get started here.

ASP.NET Charts:

Using the ASP.NET server-side wrapper you can create charts in your ASP.NET website without having to write any JavaScript code. Follow steps on this page to make your first chart.

Want more? Or have any other question in mind?

Just drop a line at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!