Can't choose between FusionCharts and HighCharts?

Over 28,000 companies and 800,000 developers trust FusionCharts for our easy-to-use, highly customizable, and beautiful charts with thorough documentation and brilliant support.

Here is how FusionCharts outperforms HighCharts!

Intelligent configurations to reduce your workload

Developers love FusionCharts! (Check below to see how much!) Because it works! Did you set numbers in a string format? No worries, we'll convert them automatically. Too much data sent to the charts? Never mind, we'll manage the components smartly so that you don't have to deal with those stinky edge cases. FusionCharts has many such default functions to help build your dashboards efficiently.

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Official plugins for back-end and front-end for better integration

Apart from providing official integrations for popular frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.js, we also offer integrations for Ember to Java and jQuery to Rails so that you can integrate FusionCharts into your project smoothly.

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Official plugins for server and client for  better integration

Why wait for days when you can get answers in minutes with live chat

Your time is precious. Don't wait for days on end to get your queries resolved. Our experts on the live chat get you all the answers in literally a few minutes. Keep your project on track for that release!

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Extensive documentation to help build your dashboards in a jiffy

We understand that extensive API documentation is key. API references and demos just don't cut it, especially when you're chasing against time to finish that sprint. We have extensive tutorials on all our charts for the framework of your choice. Yes, you read that right! From React to .NET, we have tutorials for every framework.

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Extensive documentation

Free live examples for inspiration

We provide over 20 live dashboards with source code. This will not only serve as an inspiration to build amazing dashboards, but also helps to plan your architecture accordingly.

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 Free live examples for inspiration

Flexible pricing to meet your budget

From startups to enterprises, we have got you covered. Our pricing is flexible and is based on your budget and requirements. Because one size doesn't fit all!

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Flexible pricing to meet your budget

Don't just take our word! Look what our customers are saying

Thank you for all your help!! This is what I call GREAT customer service. I am very glad Dell decided to purchase this product as your help has made it worth every penny.

Ryan Jeffords,

This is a great application, it saves a lot of time and although I would like to say the 'Wow' factor is because of the great data I provide; I know that it is more likely due to the presentation that FusionCharts has made possible.

Jonathan Rickard,

Best money I have ever spent on a useful piece of application software. Ideal for the management reporting that Electric Penguin delivers to its clients.

Paul Smith,

FusionCharts and [Fusion]Maps offered us a clean and dynamic way of displaying information on our site. We used a combination of drill-down maps and charts to create a very interactive model of Native American Service Centers across the US. We could not have done it without Fusion components.

Cherylyn Stoltman,

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