Comprehensive range of charts

All general purpose charts.

Column, bar, line, pie, stacked, speedometer, funnel, FusionCharts Suite XT has you covered on all of them with its 90+ charts.

All general purpose charts

Combine multiple charts into one.

You can also combine the column, line and area charts into one single information-dense chart. And if the units and magnitude of different data series vary widely, you can even use the power of multiple axes.

Combine the column, line and area charts into one single
Combine multiple charts

Hundreds of thousands of data points with the Zoom Line Chart.

When you plot massive data sets with the Zoom Line Chart, the user starts with a macroscopic view and then she can zoom into whichever part of the dataset she is further interested in. And all of that at blazing speed.

Zoom Line Chart

Gauges for executive dashboards and real-time monitors.

Present your KPIs in dashboards and performance monitors effectively using the speedometer chart (also known as the angular gauge or dial chart), linear gauges and the bulb gauge.


Interactive maps for plotting geographical data.

Revenue by regions, population by state, election results, flight routes, office locations, plot them all on beautiful interactive maps. FusionCharts Suite XT brings you over 1000+ maps including all continents, major countries and all US states to take your data globetrotting.

Interactive maps
Interactive World maps

Specialized charts for network diagrams and stock prices.

General charts just don't cut it for network diagrams, hierarchical structures, stock price plotting and other domain-specific analysis. Fret not, for FusionCharts Suite XT offers 25+ such specialized charts.

Network diagrams

Word-sized charts for crunch times.

Not enough space to display a full-fledged line chart? Use the word-sized sparklines instead. The Suite also offers bullet graphs, spark column & win/loss charts, all of which put together are commonly known as word-sized graphics.

spark column

Create live "up-to-second" stock monitors with real-time graphs

With charts that can fetch new data and update themselves, you can have highly effective monitors of stock, network or manufacturing data.

Charts with logarithmic and inverse axes

Have data with both very small and very large values? Plot them on a logarithmic chart. Need to display ranks and race timings? Plot them on an inverted scale using the inverse axes charts.

Inverse axes chart
Logarithmic chart

Make your charts visually editable.

Use your JavaScript charts as interactive planning tools by making them visually editable. Especially helpful with sales and project planning.

Visually editable charts