Complete dashboards, all charts and individual features, explore everything FusionCharts Suite XT can do for you.

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FusionCharts Suite XT is extensively used in business dashboards to visualize data across different domains and functions, including Sales, Finance, Marketing, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Government and IT.

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By Charts

FusionCharts Suite XT is a comprehensive charting solution offering 90+ chart types and 965 maps. The Suite consists of 4 products each of which has a specific purpose and contains different chart types, a selection of which is shown below.

FusionCharts XT

FusionCharts XT is our flagship product that consists of 40+ chart types. Click on a chart to see it in action.

FusionWidgets XT

FusionWidgets XT makes your KPIs and real-time data in dashboards, monitors and reports more insightful. Click on a chart type to see it in action.

PowerCharts XT

PowerCharts XT is a set of advanced charting widgets for domain-specific usage including network diagrams, performance analysis, profit-loss analysis, financial planning, stock price plotting and hierarchical structures. Click on a chart type to see it in action.

FusionMaps XT

FusionMaps XT has over 965 geographical maps, including all countries, US states, and regions in Europe for plotting business data like revenue by regions, employment levels by state and office locations.

(Note: FusionMaps XT does not work on zip codes or latitude/longitude, it uses an internal co-ordinate system to plot points.)

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By Features

FusionCharts Suite XT is packed with powerful features that enable you to give your end users a rich reporting experience and allow you to have complete control over the charts, both aesthetics and behavior.

This section lets you see these features individually, look at the underlying code and learn implementation best practices.

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