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Discover the most comprehensive JavaScript charting library that is the preferred choice of developers. Our charts are designed to work on JavaScript, React, Vue, Angular, jQuery, Ember, and more......

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Trusted by over 800,000 developers across 28,000 companies

Whether you are building a dashboard for desktop or mobile, with simple or complex data, FusionCharts has you covered

Why should you choose FusionCharts products?

There are over 800,000 developers from 28,000+ companies prefer FusionCharts products over Open source or other paid libraries. Here are a few reasons:

FusionCharts librariesVSOpen Source charting libraries
  • 15 minutes to first chart, without any learning curve. Plus, consistent API across different charts make it simple to build complex charts or dashboards.
  • Consistent look & feel. Our themes have a consistent look across products. Did we tell you that you can also build your own theme?
  • Various installation options available (direct JavaScript, CDN, NPM) and pre-integrated with all popular JavaScript libraries and back-end programming languages
  • Comprehensive documentation for each library or programming language, with a lot of live-examples.
  • Ready-to-use chart examples, industry-specific dashboards and even data stories, available with source code for you to quickly get started.

FusionCharts leads the way in building beautiful dashboards

Loved by over 800,000 developers and 28,000 organizations across the globe

Love from Our Customers

Thank you for all your help!! This is what I call GREAT customer service. I am very glad Dell decided to purchase this product as your help has made it worth every penny.

Ryan Jeffords,

This is a great application, it saves a lot of time and although I would like to say the 'Wow' factor is because of the great data I provide; I know that it is more likely due to the presentation that FusionCharts has made possible.

Jonathan Rickard,

Best money I have ever spent on a useful piece of application software. Ideal for the management reporting that Electric Penguin delivers to its clients.

Paul Smith,

FusionCharts and [Fusion]Maps offered us a clean and dynamic way of displaying information on our site. We used a combination of drill-down maps and charts to create a very interactive model of Native American Service Centers across the US. We could not have done it without Fusion components.

Cherylyn Stoltman,

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