The simplicity of charts now in grids. Introducing FusionGrid!

Get an early glimpse of FusionGrid

What's in the grid?

Here is a glimpse of what you will be getting in the beta stage of FusionGrid.

Mobile-first approach

FusionGrid is responsive and mobile-friendly to provide a consistent experience across devices.

Filter and sort

Use logical operations to filter, apply filter on the entire grid or an individual column, and many other custom functionalities with filter and sort features.


Enable local search with complete customization options.


Present your users with multiple options to select rows and cells using the Selection API.

Inline charts

Why stick to plain text in the grid when you can make your data interactive and readable with charts? (bar charts only, in the beta release).


It is the most important component when you are dealing with large data. From controlling the page size to appearance of breadcrumbs, control every aspect of pagination with a few flags.

Your feedback helps us shape FusionGrid!

We’d like to offer FusionGrid with the features that our customers value the most. Register for the beta program and get a chance to provide the feedback that will directly shape the product and ensure faster releases.

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