Export charts and full dashboards, without rendering in browser, in 8+ formats

We are delighted to announce the public release of FusionExport. Export any JavaScript chart (whether FusionCharts or something else) or even full dashboards, using the programming language of your choice.

  • Javascript
  • JAVA
  • PHP
  • Python

What can you do with FusionExport?

Export complete dashboards

Add dynamic content to your dashboard while exporting and export it WYISWYG using HTML templates. From logos and branding colors to all formatting elements, we ensure it’s all retained perfectly.

Generate real-time chart previews

Display financial reports, weather info, and other comparative micro-charts as web elements with real-time updates, using FusionExport.

Send emails including visualizations

Be it admins or customers, FusionExport allows you to automate sharing via mail. Set time, date, and other details and your dashboards or charts are sent as attachments or embed in the mail body.

Power of FusionExport

8+ file formats supported

Export your dashboard and charts as images in PNG, JPG, or PDF files, preserve all your formatting in HTML or CSV, and simplify data configuring using XLS and XLSX.

More than another screenshot library

With FusionExport, what you see is *always* what you get. We understand your underlying JS, resolving landing states and broken layouts for dashboards.

The tech stack of your choice

From Java to Node.js, C# to Go, you can seamlessly integrate FusionExport into any development stack with ease.

Secure data handling

Are you working with sensitive data? Isolate FusionExport on your infrastructure behind a firewall and ensure stringent security for any export format.

Support for any charting library

From D3.js to HighCharts, we support every single JavaScript charting library out there, even your in-house ones. FusionExport is one solution, for all your needs.

Cloud integration at your fingertips

Using Amazon S3 or have an FTP server in place? Directly save exported files to your cloud storage with couple of lines of code, using our CLI interface or your preferred language.

Get FusionExport

Reduce export times and share your outputs faster, more securely, without any rendering issues via FusionExport.

Download FusionExport