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Why you should choose FusionCharts products?

There are over 800,000+ developers from 28,000+ companies prefer FusionCharts products over Open source or other paid libraries. Here are a few reasons:

FusionCharts librariesVSOpen Source charting libraries
  • 15 minutes to first chart, without any learning curve. Plus, consistent API across different charts make it simple to build complex charts or dashboards.
  • Consistent look & feel. Our themes have a consistent look across products. Did we tell you that you can also build your own theme?
  • Various installation options available (direct JavaScript, CDN, NPM) and pre-integrated with all popular JavaScript libraries and back-end programming languages
  • Comprehensive documentation for each library or programming language, with a lot of live-examples.
  • Ready-to-use chart examples, industry-specific dashboards and even data stories, available with source code for you to quickly get started.

FusionCharts leads the way in building beautiful dashboards

Loved by over 800,000+ developers and 28,000 organizations across the globe

Love from Our Customers

Thank you for all your help!! This is what I call GREAT customer service. I am very glad Dell decided to purchase this product as your help has made it worth every penny.

Ryan Jeffords,

This is a great application, it saves a lot of time and although I would like to say the 'Wow' factor is because of the great data I provide; I know that it is more likely due to the presentation that FusionCharts has made possible.

Jonathan Rickard,

Best money I have ever spent on a useful piece of application software. Ideal for the management reporting that Electric Penguin delivers to its clients.

Paul Smith,

FusionCharts and [Fusion]Maps offered us a clean and dynamic way of displaying information on our site. We used a combination of drill-down maps and charts to create a very interactive model of Native American Service Centers across the US. We could not have done it without Fusion components.

Cherylyn Stoltman,

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