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We encourage lean teams, where everyone owns multiple projects. There is no hierarchy at FusionCharts - only great work, done together.

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StartUp hustle, combined with disruptive ideas and 15+ years in the business, and voila! The perfect workspace where you begin the next leg of your career is here.

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Sugar, spice and everything nice. Our outrageously well stocked pantry has it all and then some.

Collaborate across teams

Learning is boring if you’re following the checklist. At FusionCharts, our teams work in close synergy, ensuring your learning curve is enriched with exposure to experts in different domains.

Structure your approach

Hard work and long, never-ending hours, meh! We believe in ‘smart’ work, where we’ll help you structure thought processes and optimize your efforts.

Be part of a melting pot of talent

Our current clan ranges from ex-McKinsey, ex-startup founders, IIT, IIM grads to even video production artists who got bored of what they were doing :P. Join our team of change-agents and discover how you could make a difference in this data universe.

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