ClickTale helps online businesses increase their conversion rates using FusionCharts


ClickTale is the industry leader in Customer Experience Analytics CEA), providing businesses with evolutionary insights into their ustomers' online behavior. Over 35,000 businesses rely on ClickTale or optimization of their website's performance, improving usability and increasing conversion rates.

ClickTale's Customer Experience Analytics service helps businesses in optimizing their website's performance by improving usability and increasing conversion rates. ClickTale tracks every mouse move, click & scroll and captures entire browsing sessions of visitors. Apart from behavioral videos, clients also have the option of analyzing web metrics with the help of powerful behavioral reports.

The need for charting

"Being an analytics suite, we need to generate a lot of reports, many of which require charts," says Arik Yavilevich, CTO of ClickTale. "We were looking for an off the shelf charting component as this would allow the development team to work on the primary product, rather than reinventing the wheel."

"We provide customers with meaningful reports of behavior inside their webpage by aggregating thousands of visitor sessions. These reports help them in optimizing their website which ultimately translates into increased conversion rates."

Why FusionCharts?

ClickTale decided to go for FusionCharts primarily because it offered a wide variety of charts that could easily work with both client and server-side code. The flexibility of the licensing plan was also a deciding factor, as it provided an option for future scalability.

"We spent several weeks searching the internet for a charting component. As soon as we came across FusionCharts, we were convinced that it delivers excellent quality and customizability at a very reasonable cost."

ClickTale Dashboard

The FusionCharts Experience

ClickTale has been using FusionCharts and FusionMaps for about two years now and their technical team is very satisfied with the products. "The documentation and code samples are very useful. We could do everything by ourselves and needed no support at all."

ClickTale mainly uses XY graphs and maps in its reports, and these have received great feedback from their subscribers. The company's management was particularly impressed by the fact that FusionCharts offered great looks, flexibility and excellent customer support. "FusionCharts took care of all our charting needs, allowing us to focus all our attention on our actual product," concludes Yavilevich.

ClickTale Dashboard 2