DeskAway is a subscription-based online team and project collaboration service developed by Mumbai-based startup Synage. The company was founded in 2005 by Sahil Parikh — a pioneer in Cloud/SaaS in India and and the author of The SaaS Edge.

DeskAway is a web-based tool that enables teams to work collaboratively from anywhere in the world. It facilitates better teamwork by amicably solving common issues associated with collaborative working such as multiple file versions, lost files and accountability issues. Developed by Synage, a Mumbai-based startup, DeskAway's client base is spread across 40 countries and includes individuals, small businesses, and even large organizations.

The need for charting

Since DeskAway is a project collaboration tool, users wanted a visual representation of how their projects and tasks are shaping up. In order to develop this representation, the developers required an interactive charting component with support for Gantt chart. "Our charting requirement was centered around the Gantt chart, as we wanted to portray project information in the most effective manner," says Sahil Parikh, Chief Trailblazer, Synage.

Why FusionCharts?

DeskAway's developers had learnt about FusionCharts data visualization suite by way of word of mouth. They decided to evaluate FusionWidgets and immediately after evaluation, they decided to incorporate it in their product's reporting module. "We didn't waste much time choosing a charting component. We had heard a lot about FusionCharts and it was quite a natural choice for us, but we did do a quick evaluation just to ensure its compatibility with our software."

The FusionCharts Experience

DeskAway's developers expressed a great deal of satisfaction with FusionCharts. They were really happy with the promptness of the techical support team and the user friendliness of the documentation. "Getting started with FusionCharts was a breeze, as the documentation is easy to follow and supported with great examples."

DeskAway has received positive feedback about their product's reporting feature, and will continue to enhance the reporting module based on FusionCharts. "FusionCharts is like Disney and Pixar for our app. It brought our data to life," concludes Parikh.

Getting started with FusionCharts was a breeze, as the documentation is easy to follow and supported with great examples.

Sahil Parikh