GiveIndia is one of the few not-for-profit organizations in India which uses technology to nurture a culture of giving. Using a web-based platform, it raises funds and contributions from donors across India and abroad and then disburse these to credible non-governmental organizations across India.

Accountability is of prime importance at GiveIndia. It lists NGOs on its portal only after rigorous and thorough background checks. It also sends donors reports of their contributions to these NGOs, thus enabling people to donate without a doubt.

The Challenge

For a platform like GiveIndia, it is essential to build trust with its donors. Donors have to be assured that their money is being well-spent. In order to bring in accountability into the system, GiveIndia shared feedback reports with individual donors regarding their various contributions. These reports contained detailed information about the beneficiaries and how the contribution was utilized. This information was made available to the donors through a table format in their charity accounts.

But many of the donors across GiveIndia's decade long existence, had donated to different NGOs, working in different states, and for different causes. Presenting all this data in a tabular format made it look complicated and made it difficult for the donor to comprehend all the information.

GiveIndia was looking for a solution that would make the data more digestible for the donor―a solution that will also be visually appealing to increase shareability and create more awareness about the platform.

Why FusionCharts?

After reviewing several options which could make their data more comprehensible and improve the engagement on the platform, GiveIndia finally zeroed in on FusionCharts. As Dhaval Udani, CEO, GiveIndia, point out "We saw FusionCharts being used on another website, and really liked the way it looked. Neat, clean, colorful layout, data would also show up when we moved the cursor over the charts. We realized it was just the thing we were looking for and went ahead with it."


Using FusionCharts' data visualization capabilities, GiveIndia added that extra zing to their 'my impact' section. To begin with, they used FusionMaps API to show donors what parts of India they have donated money over the period of time.

The map on hover gives further information like the amount and the NGO the money has gone to. The percentage breakup of the various 'causes donated to' is displayed by a pie chart next to the map.

By visualizing data, GiveIndia has now made it easier for donors to see where their money is being spent. The attractive visualizations have also been successful in drawing people’s attention and have encouraged them to share with their social networks. As Dhaval points out, "While it's been a really short time, we've had positive responses to it. Users have found their "my impact" section quite appealing."

In future, GiveIndia has plans to extend the use of data visualization to more sections that would encourage more engagement on the site. For eg: they want to show people where they have NGOs at a detailed level and even use it to track on-ground beneficiaries. They also want to show an NGO where their donors came from.

Through effective data visualization using FusionCharts Suite XT, GiveIndia has made it possible for users to understand their data, generate more awareness for the platform and improve engagement on the website.

"We realized it [FusionCharts] was just the thing we were looking for and went ahead with it."

Dhaval Udani