Intelestream Inc. is a professional services and product development firm specializing in Open Source Enterprise Applications. They cover a wide range of systems infrastructure, right from CRM to ERP and HR. Their customers span all industries and include small and medium business to Fortune 500 companies.

Intelestream's CRM solution, intelecrm is an affordable yet sophisticated online hosted solution that helps small and mid-market businesses reach the next level in Customer Relationship Management. Built on an Open Source platform, intelecrm is extremely flexible and delivers all standard functions such as Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Contact and Account Management, Campaign Management, and reporting.

The need for charting

"intelecrm is a CRM solution containing a reporting module called ireports. Incorporating charts in this module increases the value of the reporting module by representing data in a visually appealing way that is easy to use and understand by the end user," says Laura Engel, CFO of Intelestream.

Why FusionCharts?

"We looked on the web for a few months to find a charting component suited to our needs. Then we came across FusionCharts and tested its trial version. It had all the functionality we needed together with a nice look and feel."

The FusionCharts Experience

PRTG is a server application with its own web server and a webbased GUI too. The Paessler team was easily able to implement FusionCharts in their application, making ample use of the self-help options.

"FusionCharts helped us quickly create a shiny, all-new user interface for our monitoring software. We sell software using the try-before-you-buy approach. Therefore, creating a great first impression is very important to achieve good conversion rates."

The Paessler team was very satisfied with the end results that FusionCharts gave them, and the new web-based interface was highly accepted by the end users too. They have been successfully using FusionCharts for over 2 years now.

FusionCharts has allowed us to enhance intelecrm by providing a sophisticated and high quality reporting and charting engine that will ultimately increase the return on investment for our customers.

Laura Engel