Opteq International made real-time network monitoring a breeze using FusionWidgets

Opteq International

Opteq International is a specialized developer of network management solutions focused on delivering superior performance, security and management. With its offerings, it aims to render true visibility of network traffic and the ability to manage it.

Opteq International's flagship product, Opteq iQ provides visibility, management, and security of Network Data Traffic. It is a modular, fully integrated offering, designed and built on a singular solution architecture.

The need for charting

Opteq iQ is a standalone eServer or Appliance product with a Unix based server operating system and functional modules individually licensed.

"Charting contributes to the ease of use and the visibility of data that the software is monitoring and managing. Also, the dashboarding module, Motion iQ, specifically requires real-time visibility and feedback effects of changes made", says Paul Blakey, CEO of Opteq.

The FusionCharts Experience

It is not just the team that is satisfied, the customers and end-users are highly impressed with the experience.

Why FusionCharts?

"We were looking for a real-time dashboarding product that could be easily integrated with our system which is developed in PHP. We did a lot of research on the Internet and tested many of the most highly rated products before deciding on FusionWidgets. With good examples and help files, it was very easy to integrate & use. The support team was also very quick and efficient."

The FusionCharts experience

The Opteq International team is very satisfied with the end results that FusionWidgets renders and regards it as one of their strengths and a competitive edge. The team is very pleased with the image quality and ease of use, and the extensive developer focussed documentation.

"We have been using FusionWidgets in our product for more than 3 years and highly recommend it to any developer who needs powerful and meaningful real-time graphics to enhance their product offerings."

Opteq Dashboard