SysAid is a developer and provider of management software solutions for the internal Help Desk and external Customer Service desk. It continually strives to simplify the dynamic challenges that service professionals face daily, by offering uncompromising performance and the latest in state-of-the-art software technology. SysAid's management tools are currently deployed in over 50,000 organizations and multiple industries across the globe.

SysAid's flagship products are SysAid IT for the internal IT Help Desk and SysAid CSS for the external Customer Service Desk. SysAid is an IT Management tool covering Asset Management, Incident Management, and additional ITIL modules.

The need for charting

SysAid has a manager dashboard that brings together a visual realtime view of the state of the IT affairs in an organization.

"This is an essential part used to be able to properly manage IT in your organization. The flexibility of the charts is a must on our side as our needs are dynamic and rapidly change," says Oded Moshe, Director of Product Management at SysAid.

Why FusionCharts?

"A quick search on the Internet provided us with a horde of charting solutions. However, the well arranged website, the ease of testing and understanding the functionality of FusionCharts drove us to choose it. And add to that the convenient OEM license."

The FusionCharts Experience

SysAid makes use of FusionCharts and FusionWidgets for its manager dashboard. The SysAid team found the integration of Fusion- Charts with SysAid a very simple process.

"The basic charts and graphics were expected from us as part of the solution we offer. However, our users responded well when we upgraded to the new version where the look and feel have improved, and they were happy."

"The SysAid team has been using FusionCharts Suite for over 2 years now, and intends to keep looking at the new releases and products to seek future integration with SysAid."

The well arranged website, the ease of testing and understanding the functionality of Fusion- Charts drove us to choose it.

Oded Moshe

Director of Product Management