Wufoo report builder uses FusionCharts to deliver a powerful & visually engaging data visualization experience


Infinity Box Inc is the provider of the popular web service Wufoo. The company's services are used by a large number of websites which includes websites of large corporations and government organizations.

Wufoo is a web based form building application that provides a DIY approach to building powerful data collection forms for websites. Built by Infinity Box Inc, Wufoo allows users to visually configure customized forms for their websites, without having to concern themselves with database and scripting. The main highlights of Wufoo are; support for payment integration, notification service, automatic reporting and pre-defined appearance themes.

The need for charting

"We use charting in our reporting features to help users visualize the data that they've collected through our forms," says Kevin Hale, the Co-founder of Infinity Box Inc. The Wufoo report builder is a powerful application which helps in generation of customized reports comprising of interactive line, bar or pie charts. Using the report builder users can configure the matrices that they want to visualize, and also design each chart with remarkable intricacy.

Wufoo Bug Report

Why FusionCharts?

Infinity Box Inc acquired a FusionCharts license in the summer of 2008, after spending two harrowing years with their earlier charting tool. "We were extremely unhappy with our previous charting tool, it was slow and not very versatile."

The Wufoo development team spent 6 months, trying out various other charting tools, before deciding to use FusionCharts in their web application. "Speed of data processing is what we needed the most, and FusionCharts gave us that along with a wide variety of chart types, ability to print charts individually, a well made documentation and excellent customer support."

Wufoo Dashboard

The FusionCharts Experience

FusionCharts empowered the Wufoo development team to build an exciting reporting system for their users, "We are amazed at the fact that we could generate beautiful graphs and visualizations without having to fight the system." Working mostly with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Flash, the developers realized that FusionCharts could easily integrate with all technologies. "It is apparent that the team behind FusionCharts put in a lot of effort to make sure that their graphing system can be dropped into any situation or development environment. They have considered every angle, and their product is backed with the best documentation in the industry."

Wufoo users were really happy with the new reporting tool, and they were particularly ecstatic about the interactivity of the charts. "Our users felt good about the improved speed, and the ability to print individual charts added a whole new dimension of functionality to the reports," concluded Hale.