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Unlock new revenue channels and expand your product offerings with the best selling JavaScript library

What are we looking for?

We are looking for highly motivated resellers with experience handling Fortune 500 companies, Government Organisations and Software vendors. As the most advanced JavaScript charting library in the industry we have been helping over 25,000 organisations around the world make sense of their data. Over the last 2 decades, our 100+ reseller have benefited from the ever increasing demand for powerful yet simple-to-use charting components. Come join us!

What we offer

  • Opportunities for continued earning through commissions and residuals
  • Special reseller discounts
  • Marketing collaterals and support for attracting new business
  • Sales and technical support
  • Dashboard creation and consultancy service for your clients.
  • FC reseller badge for use in sales and marketing material

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Frequently Asked Questions

Direct answers to common questions

Do you offer discounts for resellers?

FusionCharts offers it’s registered resellers attractive discounts based on the partner tier that you are on.

Can I resell FusionCharts to my client if I am not a registered reseller?

Yes. You can get in touch with us on partners@fusioncharts.com if you wish to resell FusionCharts as an unregistered reseller.

How do I become a FusionCharts reseller?

Click on “Become a partner” and fill in your details. Our partner team will get in touch with you at the earliest and help you with the registration process.

Is there any additional incentive?

We provide a performance based incentive structure that rewards resellers for their consistency and loyalty. We also run special incentive schemes throughout the year for our resellers from across the globe.

Who do I connect with for my queries?

As a registered reseller you would have access to a single point of contact for all your sales and tech related queries. The single point of contact shall be your partner manager and they will help you with the required resources.

Do I get recurring revenue from sales made?

As a registered reseller you can get recurring revenue through renewal of the licence. Each time your client renews the licence, you stand to gain reseller discounts.

Would my clients get support and upgrades?

Your client can access our Support services and shall be eligible for upgrades as long as they have an active FusionCharts Licence.

My client requires a quote

You can get in touch with your Partner manager or drop a mail to partners@fusioncharts.com to get a quote for your client. Please mention the Name of client, Company name, Company address and details of licence required so that we may create the Quote.

Would FusionCharts provide deal closure assistance?

Yes, we provide our resellers with help on individual deals if required. Our partner team can help you and your client over conference calls, personalized product demos or tech webinars for deal closure

My client is looking for SaaS or On premise licences

Please get in touch with your Partner Manager or drop a mail to partners@fusioncharts.com with details of your client (name, company name, company address, detail about the deployment) and the exact requirements. The partner team will get in touch and help you with the pricing for your client.

How is the software transferred to the client?

The software does not require physical delivery. Once the licence has been purchased the client shall receive an email from where they can download and start using the FusionCharts charting component.

Do you help with Marketing?

When you register as a FusionCharts reseller, we ensure that you get all the necessary marketing materials such as product overviews, brochures, PPTs, email marketing template and other web resources. You will also be authorized to use the FusionCharts logo in your marketing and sales communications.

Do you help with training my team?

FusionCharts will provide product demos, webinars and online resources to ensure that your team has a good understanding of the FusionCharts product. We will also help your sales team with industry research, competitor analysis, sales tips and continued presales help. If you have a new teammate who requires training or product demos, please get in touch with your partner manager for the same.

Don’t find what you are looking for ? Drop us a mail at partners@fusioncharts.com