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Choosing the right JavaScript Charting Library for your product

Today, your end users need real-time access to relevant information pertaining to their business, even when they are on the move. Your products need to be able to process and visualize heaps of data in form of reports or dashboards, which could be accessed on a variety of devices, be it computers, tablets or smartphones.

Whether it's an ERP application or a social media analytics tool, your end-users expect your product to process and convert data into easily identifiable trends and patterns. To visualize these trends and patterns effectively, you need a charting component. A good charting component not only provides the correct visualization for the data, but also builds an immersive experience for your end-user.

What's in this white paper?

This white paper highlights the factors you should evaluate when choosing a charting component for your software product:

  • What devices, browsers and platforms does your product need to support?
  • How easy is it to implement the component or library?
  • What chart types will you need to show the correct representation of data?
  • What reporting capabilities do you need to provide your users to empower their business decisions?
  • What happens when you get stuck with a technical query during implementation? What support options does the vendor offer?

This white paper makes it easy to grasp all the important aspects one should consider while evaluating charting libraries. Go ahead, download, and share it with the rest of your team.

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