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10 Emerging Trends in Dashboard Design

Data purists may shun them. But users are just loving them. Dashboards have evolved a lot since their inception. In its new avatar, the dashboard is more user-friendly and definitely more appealing than its grim predecessor.

With changing information needs of the user and their technical feasibility, the dashboard is no more just a showcase of business metrics. It has evolved into a holistic decision making tool allowing users to track performance, monitor key metrics and even predict the future. Moreover, features like drill down and zoom-in have taken the interactivity of these dashboards a notch higher.

Evolving tastes and preferences of the user along with developments in mobile and web technologies is determining the look and feel of the modern day dashboards.

This thought paper highlights 10 emerging trends in dashboard design. It also showcases some of the industry's best digital products that have incorporated these design trends.

  • How are dashboard designs being adapted to provide a unified experience across multiple devices and browsers?
  • Which design elements are making a comeback in today's dashboard interfaces?
  • How are dashboards providing users an in-depth understanding of their data without overwhelming them?
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