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Principles of Data Visualization - What We See in a Visual

We interact with charts day-in and day-out as we read the news, attend meetings, review sales numbers, forecast projections, and set targets. However, we rarely stop to think about what makes these sometimes-drool-worthy pieces of information so pervasive in media and business. This white paper takes you on a journey to discover the underlying principles behind data visualization.

What's in this white paper?

  • Two Goals in Data Visualization Every visualization has a goal. Find out what are the two most common goals for visualizations, and next time you plot a chart, start with the right goal in mind.

  • Eyesight and Memory Working In Parallel Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) is a term commonly used in Big Data. Learn how our eyesight and memory uses the same mechanism to process visual information.

  • Preattentive Attributes Used by Our Working Memory No discussion of visualization would be complete without mentioning its basic building blocks - preattentive attributes. Find out what's it about a visual that catches our attention immediately.

  • Forming Analytical Patterns Out of Preattentive Attributes Our vision is inherently pattern seeking. Get a comprehensive list of the patterns we identify when analyzing a visual.

  • Using the Gestalt Principles to Bring Out Patterns in Visualizations Ever wanted to emphasize certain aspects of a visual? The Gestalt Principles can bring out your point of view with subtlety or boldness.

  • An Example from Recorded Future Finally, apply the various principles of data visualization discussed in this white paper to a real-world example from Recorded Future.

Who is this white paper for?

  • Product Managers for whom data is the engine that drives their product UI/UX & Web Designers who never tire of going back to their roots, and maybe learning a few new tricks along the way
  • Tech Managers & Developers who aren't content to just bolt on visualization to their software product as an afterthought
  • CXOs who are looking to increase awareness of visualization within their organizations

Download the white paper, or send it to a colleague who needs it more than you do.

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