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The Ultimate Guide to Real-time Data Visualization

Businesses today face the problem of being rich on data, but poor on information. In a gold rush to derive value from big data, real-time analytics has emerged as a prominent tactic for businesses to gain an edge over the competition. This white paper defines the most important aspects of real-time analytics, and how it can be leveraged for your business.

What's in this white paper?

  • The emergence of real-time analytics: Trace the journey of business intelligence from relational databases to distributed file systems, and the prominence of big data.
  • Real-world applications of real-time analytics: Get inspired by businesses of all sizes and types who use real-time analytics today.
  • How real-time analytics works: Find out the two types of real-time analytics, and understand the various steps streaming data goes through before it's finally visualized in a real-time dashboard.
  • Must-have features for a real-time charting component: Learn about the 4 crucial features that can make all the difference between a charting component that can handle real-time data, and one that poses to.

Who is this white paper for?

  • Product Managers who want to get a handle on how to use, and visualize real-time data in their product dashboards.
  • Tech Managers and Developers who want to get the big picture of the business intelligence systems they build and maintain on a daily basis.
  • Curious CXOs who want to be on top of the current trends in business and technology.

This white paper makes it easy to grasp all the important aspects of real-time data visualization in a single read. Go ahead, download, and share it with the rest of your team.

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