Kaustav Das Modak

JSDoc helps in creating API documentation for JavaScript projects by keeping a close coupling of source code and documentation content. This was the main reason why we chose JSDoc for documenting the FusionCharts library after comparing tools for JavaScript API documentation. Though JSDoc may seem somewhat bulky for smaller projects, it packs of lot of… Read More »

Last week, FusionCharts released another open source tool, a collection of JSDoc plugins, called “Bouquet”. At present Bouquet is made up of one plugin, which is somewhat contrary to its name. We plan on adding more plugins to this collection in near future and make it true to its name! This set of plugins will… Read More »

Notice any difference in our blog lately? Doesn't it feel cleaner and faster? It can also be accessed from your mobile devices. This is because, we spent two days last week improving our blog and converting it into a better experience for you! A few weeks back we noticed that our readers were having trouble… Read More »

Recently, we had to choose a JavaScript document generator tool for documenting APIs of various FusionCharts products. API documentation is different from normal documentation because API documentation is generated directly from the source code by reading the comments written in the source code.