With FusionExport, you can export any JavaScript chart as a static image, bulk export multiple charts as a zip file, or export multiple charts embedded in an HTML dashboard template.

Charts can be converted into several image formats PNG, JPEG, SVG, PDF, HTML and data formats CSV, XLS, XLSX.

Dashboards can be converted into PNG, JPEG, PDF, HTML formats.

Two main parts make FusionExport :

  • The export engine
  • The client-side interface

FusionExport architecture

FusionExport Architecture Diagram

To interact with FusionExport, you can either go for simple CLI or use the language of your choice.

If you're using the CLI, choose between FusionExport Desktop (local export) or, FusionExport Web Service (remote export) based on your requirement.

If you're using any of the 6 available language SDKs, use FusionExport Desktop (local export) to export your charts & dashboards. SDKs are available for Node.js, Java, C#, PHP, Python and Golang.

For the processing site, you can choose between remote and local. To process export activities locally, install FusionExport Desktop which talks to the client-interface via a socket connection. FusionExport Desktop also comes with a GUI that lets you monitor ongoing operations. FusionExport Web Service is our remote export engine that communicates with your interface through HTTP connections.

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