Release Notes

Version 1.2.0

26th July, 2019

New Feature

  • You can now choose the output time format (12 hour/24 hour) for tooltips and X-axis.

  • You can now remove leading zeros from dates (e.g., display 01/11/19 as 1/11/19).

  • You can now set the initial spread of the active window by setting the 'from' and 'to' time when the chart is first rendered.

  • You can now define the data binning as per custom requirements.

  • A new feature called reference zone is now available. It helps the users know the data plots which fall in the particular zone.

  • You can now style the line segment which joins the missing data points.

  • A new feature to style the predicted data is now available. You can provide the predicted data and style them differently.


  • In FusionTime Version 1.2, we have extended the time periods covered by the Standard Range Selector beyond 1Y, to include 2Y, 3Y, 5Y, and 10Y.

  • You can now apply a number of new style attributes to different components of a time-series chart.

  • The ignoreCaseExtension module is now able to selectively ignore some of the keys in the dataSource JSON.


  • For CrossLines, label and anchor tooltip were not in sync. The issue has been fixed.

  • In Column charts, some of the columns styled using the stroke-dasharray attribute would lose the style when the canvas was zoomed in and out again. The issue has been fixed.

  • In Candlestick and OHLC charts, the default plot highlight style was getting overridden when hover style was specified. The issue has been fixed.

  • The time axis was getting updated on disabling all datasets via the legend. The issue has been fixed.

  • The selection tool of the Custom Range Selector was getting disabled when the Apply button was clicked after selecting a time interval. The issue has been fixed.

  • When the Standard Range Selector button was styled with larger font size for button:hover, its vertical alignment would be disrupted when the mouse pointer was moved away after hover. The issue has been fixed.

  • Tooltip was not appearing for the last plot in the charts. The issue has been fixed.

Version 1.1.0

31st May, 2019

New Feature

  • A new chart - Grouped column (aka multi-series column) is now supported in FusionTime.

  • All major FusionTime components can now be styled according to individual brand preference using familiar CSS styling for HTML and SVG objects. Components include:


  • Default derived styles for different FusionTime components have been removed. You can now add styles using the style object for each component.

  • Following objects are now available in FusionTime:

    • timenavigator
    • tooltip
    • crossline
  • The default font of all text is now Helvetica, Arial or Sans-Serif.

  • Ordering of elements and stroke for the top border in the stacked area chart has been improved for better visual clarity.

  • Standard range selector (aka SRS) component has been re-designed.

  • A new theme, UMBER, is now available for FusionTime charts.

  • Design choices for existing themes, especially Gammel, have been improved.

  • Better error messages are now available if one gives an incorrect axis or plot configuration.


  • Selecting and applying time from the Custom Range Selector selection box is now working fine.

  • In Windows hybrid touch devices, the Custom Range Selector calendar is now working properly.

  • If for a component styling is provided using both the dataSource and themes, the theme engine will merge properties from both the sources to display the component.

  • In candlestick and OHLC charts the styles of the bear and bull are now getting applied properly. Previously, the style properties were getting interchanged.

  • In candlestick and OHLC charts the color of the bear and bull were changing at the time of panning. This issue is now fixed.

  • Consolidated date in data marker tooltip was showing junk text. This issue is now fixed.

  • If the chart{} object is not given or left blank, earlier the setChartAttribute() API was not working. This issue is now fixed.

  • stroke-width = 0 is now working for anchors from plotConfig object.

  • Tooltip cosmetics were not getting updated when theme was changed after hovering on the plots. This issue is now fixed.

  • Grid line styles in the Y-axis are now properly applied.

  • Marker-notch of the time instance marker was shifted below the X-axis. It has been placed correctly now.

  • Tooltip padding using styles was not accepting multiple values. This issue is now fixed.

  • When the data value is very less, on plot hover, the tooltip overlapped the crossline label. This issue is now fixed.

  • Setting the style of the text using was not working. This issue is now fixed.

  • Table id was not getting assigned to the child or derived dataTable. This issue is now fixed.


  • enableNavigator attribute is now deprecated, and the same can be achieved by using the enabled attribute inside the navigator object.

  • showTooltip attribute is now deprecated, and the same can be achieved by using the enabled attribute inside the tooltip object.

Version 1.0.0

27th February, 2019

  • This marks the release of first version of FusionTime! One can now create high performing time series visualizations and stock charts in Javascript very easily.

  • The usage of a special data layer in FusionTime ensures that a seamless experience of the out-of-the-box features of time series visualization is available even with a high volume of time series data.

    • You can now perform a number of data operations, like, sort, filter, groupBy, pivot, etc. with the in-browser store of tabular data, available with the data layer.
  • Based on the requirement one can create either a simple time series chart, a multivariate chart, a chart with multiple data plots, or a dual Y Axis chart, etc., with equal ease.

  • FusionTime supports all the standard plot types - line, area, column, stock charts, etc and their variants.

  • Some important components of FusionTime include:

    • Time axis - xAxis of the chart is used as the time axis. Based on the size of the chart and the atomicity of the available time series data, FusionTime auto-aggregates data to represent the pattern in an understandable way.

    • Time Navigator - the pattern of the entire data is visible in this component. Active window helps to focus on data of a given time range in greater detail.

    • Standard range selector - helps the user select standard time periods

    • Custom range selector - helps the user specify a specific time period

    • Y Axis - is the axis on which measures are plotted. It can come in either a linear or log scale. It can be plotted either on the left or right side of the canvas.

    • Crossline - gives you quick context of data when you are interacting on the chart.

    • Time marker - helps you mark important events on the time axis.

    • Data marker - helps you mark important events on data plots.

    • Reference line - helps you to quickly compare data plots against a fixed value.

  • FusionTime comes with three themes (Fusion, Gammel, Candy).

  • CSS styling can be applied using the style definition specifications.

  • Charts created with FusionTime can be exported into jpg, png, svg, and pdf formats.

  • You can also use FusionTime from different technologies (angular, angular JS, react, vue, ember, jquery) using the existing FusionCharts wrappers.

  • The charts created with FusionTime are responsive and work well on touch devices.