ITS Tertiary Software is a software and services company, which caters to the tertiary education sector in Africa. The company serves educational institutions by providing software solutions and services pertaining to administrative functions such as student management, resource allocation, finance, payroll etc.

To enhance the efficiency of their wide-spread operations and to facilitate better communication with clients, ITS Tertiary Software has built a comprehensive analytics system which facilitates data acquisition and analysis.

The need for charting

ITS Tertiary Software has incorporated charting in its Team Dashboard and Client Dashboard applications. The two applications help in addressing the specific information needs of employees and customers. The Team Dashboard is used by management for monitoring strategic business unit objectives, while the Client Dashboard enables customers to view and analyze service related information. "The Client Dashboard makes our dealings with customers transparent, as they can verify whether we were able to adhere to the service level agreements. The dashboard contains charts, so the clients immediately get an idea of what we have done for them," says Vaughn Dumas, Service Excellence Coordinator for ITS Tertiary Software.

Why FusionCharts?

ITS Tertiary Software developed their analytics applications in Adobe Flex. Hence, they required a Flash based charting component that was compatible with UNIX systems and could be integrated with Oracle database. The applications’ charting requirements called for a charting product with support for Gantt chart and gauges, in addition to standard chart types such as pie, line and column.


The FusionCharts Experience

Employees of ITS Tertiary Software were happy about the fact that FusionCharts for Flex had amicably addressed their long-term information need. With a charting component that is woven into the fabric of the development environment, developers could quickly churn up dashboards on an "as and when" basis. The customers were equally happy with the Client Dashboard, because it yielded insightful and actionable information about their dealings with the company. "The Client Dashboard helped customers align what they thought was outstanding with what we have on record,' added Dumas.

On the implementation front, the developers seemed very appreciative about the product's MXML integration. They used the documentation and the support forums while developing the analytics applications, and were satisfied with the quality of support. "FusionCharts' support forums are regularly monitored and the feedback is quite prompt."

ITS Tertiary Software has been using FusionCharts for over two years now, and the company expressed its desire to implement it in future projects as well. "I'd recommend FusionCharts to anyone who would like to get a charting project up and running. It is a great product backed by excellent support," concludes Dumas.


I'd recommend FusionCharts to anyone who would like to get a charting project up and running. It is a great product backed by excellent support.

Vaughn Dumas

Service Excellence Coordinator