RhinoCarHire.com is an online car rental service that allows travelers to book car rentals at various locations around the world. The company started operations in June 2008, and currently it provides car hire service at more than 20,000 locations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

The need for charting

"RhinoCarHire.com offers a lot more than just low priced car hire. As a supplementary service our site provides 6000 pages of useful travel guides to help customers optimize their travel plans. We have added charts to many of these travel guides to help customers review car hire statistics and analyze pricing trends," says Phil Partridge, Marketing Manager at RhinoCarHire.com.

Why FusionCharts?

RhinoCarHire.com required a charting solution capable of efficient comparative analysis, so that customers could compare prices by car type. They also wanted a solution that could be integrated with their ASP.NET based Kentico CMS. Their developer initially tried out a .NET based charting component prior to adopting FusionCharts. "Our developer thought that .NET would be the best option as we are on ASP.NET platform, however it didn’t work with the Kentico CMS," adds Partridge who then recommended FusionCharts because of its great visual appeal and slick animation features.

The FusionCharts Experience

RhinoCarHire.com's team found FusionCharts easy to implement. They felt that building charts and customizing them was a straightforward task, and were very satisfied with the multitude of help options provided by FusionCharts.

"We found that code samples and documentation are very well done and complete, so we didn't have to use other help options such as the knowledge base and the product forum."

Everyone at RhinoCarHire.com expressed their satisfaction with FusionCharts and the company received favorable feedback from customers and partners as well. "On the whole, we feel Fusion- Charts is a nice charting product and great value for money," concludes Partridge.

We found that code samples and documentation are very well done and complete

Phil Partridge

Marketing Manager